Everyone should have a Patrick Stahl in their pocket...

Published by Louise Callenberg on
Why do people need to focus on soft values ​​to achieve hard results? Well, because that's how we increase collaboration, create conditions for creativity and make all those golden ideas, that brood in our colleagues, come to light. It is business critical to have well-functioning teams of em... Read More

Leadership for the many - for the others

Published by Patrick Stahl on
When I present myself in social situations, I sometimes lie and say I work with literally anything else than "I am a leadership trainer - I help leaders lead themselves and others". Because when I say that, I count the seconds until the other person starts explaining how THEIR bo... Read More

I'm tired of talking about leadership

Published by Caroline Sallmander on
I'm tired of talking about leadership, might be a strange comment from me, who has been working with leadership development for several years. Ok, I'm not tired of leadership, but I want to talk more about "Employeeship" and the interaction needed for an organization to have imp... Read More

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