I'm tired of talking about leadership

I'm tired of talking about leadership

I'm tired of talking about leadership, might be a strange comment from me, who has been working with leadership development for several years. Ok, I'm not tired of leadership, but I want to talk more about "Employeeship" and the interaction needed for an organization to have implementing power and ability to change over time. It is not only the formal leaders who need development in an organization, everyone need it.

We live in a complex world with low predictability and low consensus. We also lack of how to solve challenges and how to realize the strategies of our companies and organizations. We need to work together across the organization and we need to take advantage of our differences in order to succeed – as individuals, as team-members and as organizations. Since there is usually no space in time nor money to let everyone attend leadership-development programs, there is a need of tools and programs in order to move abilities throughout the organization in order to reach a greater power of implementation.

Leadership and self-leadership is like a beautiful diamond. Many parts of leadership-prisms need to be constantly polished in order to sparkle. You can polish and polish, but you never really get ready because there are constantly things happening in our surroundings that cause the diamond to lose its shine. This applies to all of us and we need continuous replenishment and an exploratory mindset to develop as selfleaders and formal leaders in order to keep the diamond shiny.

There in a gap in order to reach full potential for the people within organizations. By spreading the opportunity for individuals to focus on abilities/diamond-”prisms” such as reflection, how to build psychological safety and strength based leadership, everyone will be able to contribute in this rapid paste that we work and operates within our organizations. And as a bonus, we also need these abilities in our private roles as well.

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