Everyone should have a Patrick Stahl in their pocket...

Everyone should have a Patrick Stahl in their pocket...

Why do people need to focus on soft values ​​to achieve hard results? Well, because that's how we increase collaboration, create conditions for creativity and make all those golden ideas, that brood in our colleagues, come to light. It is business critical to have well-functioning teams of employees. In a world of revolutionary and unparalleled pace of change, they need the capabilities and powers to work together across organizational and functional boundaries.

Organizations that are able to bring out the best in their smartest resource, ie their employees, are more likely to cope with the changes we need to make to change working methods, develop our services and products or to adapt our business to a full digital era. We also have a world situation today that means that our abilities to make decisions and regroup us need to be strengthened. Even those abilities depend independently on how we humans are skilled at interacting and can be ourselves.

Patrick Stahl, Lead trainer at Circle Impact, has been there for decades in workshops and leadership programs to give leaders and managers, employees and key people the ability to lead and be led. He has done this by teaching us the art of reflecting, focusing on our strengths and achieving the long-awaited executive power. His specialty has been sustainable leadership in high-performing and ambitious organizations. Those who want a lot and who believe in succeeding together, but who need to last over time. Perseverance, self-leadership and the strenghts of the team's in focus.

In several of my own roles as a manager and leader, I have hired Patrick to give my teams a common language and a basic insight into our unique abilities and how we sharpen them together. It has always given great measurable results. But workshop after workshop, with an external lecturer, does not change a team. It required perseverance and my own ability as their leader to facilitate. I know that it is not easy and that not everyone has the backpack with tools and experience, that I have, in order to facilitate. Many times I have wished that I could clone myself and most of all that Patrick could be with us in follow-up and in new conversations that arise when the change happens.

I am not alone. There are many team leaders who dream of being able to take Patrick out of their pocket in order to get the work done. To get to the behavioral training that is necessary. You want to have all the abilities in all the teams to be trained for a longer period of time. Because that's how knowledge sticks. As an individual, you need to make the skills so that they are your own. An insight journey that needs to take place in each employee. The time and abilities are not always enough for that,

This was the vision that the ed-tech incubator Sngl, had together with Patrick Stahl and Caroline Sallmander, the founders of Circle Impact. “You should be able to have a Patrick in your pocket”. Everyone should be able to practice and develop their skills on their own, at their own pace, and at the same time do so under the same conditions as their colleagues. For those who lead their team, it will be an easier challenge to make it happen and for those who are part of an organization, the somewhat suffocating feeling of "that now the boss has been on course again" is blown away. Now each employee has its very own training hub for the abilities that you have within yourself where you can unlock potential and become your strongest assets - towards new heights and clear hard results for yourself and your team.

Louise Callenberg

CEO Singula & Partner at SNGL

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