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Circle Impact enables high-performing individuals to reach the full potential for themselves, their organization and the people they lead.

How it works

Circle Impact is built on the concept of learning by practicing and reflecting.


To give you a head start with changing your behavior you get access to our Seven days of courses.


To gain deeper understanding of your leadership skills you get access to Four weeks of courses and our community of like minded to learn together.


To grow as a leader you get access to coaching sessions in group and exclusive live seminars.

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Explained by Patrick Stahl

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See what our clients say about us

Circle Impact gives me on the fly training that enables me to tackle reflection and complexity in my daily work. Without intruding deliveries. I love it!

David Prien - CEO at FirstVet

Circle Impact offers a structured take on how to best include necessary reflection in your everyday life – both from a personal and professional aspect. The short lessons provide relevant and inspiring exercises that are easy to use and Patrick Stahl is a fantastic lecturer!

Caroline Redare - Senior HR Consultant

Circle Impact is a short and efficient way of getting more out of everyday life without having to change everything you believe in.

Tom Holgersson - Findec - Sweden Fintech Hub
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