Circle Impact has launched

Circle Impact – a digital platform for personal skills training, for everyone in the organization – has been launched by leadership profiles Patrick Stahl & Caroline Sallmander, together with investment company sngl.

This digital coach for leadership skills trains an entire organization in valuable abilities to build capacity for growth and success.

"There is a huge pressure for change, internally and externally. We see a strong need for more people than just formal leaders to be trained to contribute to development and strategic movement. In order to meet challenges of today and take advantage of opportunities in the future, entire teams need to be given the conditions and skills to contribute. Circle Impact provides this support in a powerful and evidence-based way," says founder duo Patrick Stahl and Caroline Sallmander.

Agenda 2030, climate threats, digitalization and global markets, put a lot of pressure on organizations to adapt their operations to new times. There is an expectation for entire organizations to work with transition and leadership skills. The time is past when it is enough for the "bosses" to go on a course or participate in leadership programs to cope with the transition. It simply doesn’t generate enough momentum for change to really happen.

Today, everyone in an organization needs to be trained in modern skills to increase the capacity for collaboration and development. Circle Impact solves that challenge and is a powerful support for training an entire organization. It empowers employees, increase their capacity for transformation – and does this in a way that is tailored to how we learn and develop best.

With powerful tools such as digital micro courses and masterclasses, together with some of the Nordic region's leadership experts in psychological safety and change leadership, training is enabled for entire organizations in a way that is easy, cost-effective, fun and integrated into daily operations. No conference places, no flights or logistics – just development for all, on their own terms.

Circle Impact is founded together with sngl (pronounced Singel), a holding company that financially and with technical expertise supports start-ups of products and services in the knowledge sector.

"We are proud to launch Circle Impact as sngl's first venture in EdTech," says Amer Hadsvik, CEO of Circle Impact and representative of sngl AB.

Circle Impact consists of founders Patrick Stahl from Perfect Life, Caroline Sallmander through the company Caroline Sallmander AB and working CEO of iero leadership development and the partners in sngl with Amer Hadsvik, Daniel Thysell, Mathias Keding and Louise Callenberg.

Circle Impact enables high-performing individuals to reach full potential for themselves, their organisation and the people they lead. Together with some of the Nordic region's leadership experts in psychological safety and change leadership, training is enabled for entire organizations in accessible and simple individual application. Circle Impact is a brand under the registered company SGG Start Gain Grow AB.

sngl wants to enable knowledge, abilities and insights through strategic investments. Through its commitment to Circle Impact, sngl takes the step into the EdTech industry and contributes to the lifelong learning needed for the global pressure for change that is now ongoing in the labor market internationally and within organizations.

Press Contact

For more information about Circle Impact contact.

Amer Hadsvik, CEO,, +4670 565 36 28
Caroline Sallmander, CCO,, +4673 183 65 87
Patrick Stahl, Lead Trainer,, +4670 816 16 70

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